Meet Ms. Amirzada in Session #502 – “Salary Negotiation Talk – A Hands-On Workshop,”aWomen in NAAAP (WIN) Workshop on Saturday, Aug. 13, 11:00-12:10 PM.

Zelekha Amirzada received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UCLA and her Juris Doctorate from University of San Diego Law School. During the last nine years, she’s practiced as a civil litigator in the fields of environmental law and consumer protection class action law (both Plaintiff’s side). After witnessing the unique gender dynamics in the professional world as a female and as a minority, she decided to effect change by starting her own business helping women overcome career paralysis. She believes that her experience in starting out as a timid, young professional woman and growing into strong, knowledgeable, confident career woman over the course of her professional life can inspire other women to do the same as her – to stop living in a state of career fright and paralysis and to start thinking bigger and dreaming wilder in their career goals! Zelekha can be reached at