NAAAP 100 Awards and Gala

Asians in North America continue to overcome obstacles and make significant individual and team contributions in industry, academics, public sector, and communities.  Their contributions have added tremendously to the success and prosperity of the United States, Canada, and especially the Asian communities therein.  NAAAP is a leadership development organization that provides a broad range of professional and educational services. It is only fitting then, that NAAAP recognizes leaders who exemplify our vision and mission. NAAAP is paying tribute to these leaders with NAAAP 100 Recognition.  Join us at the NAAAP Gala dinner and awards ceremony on Saturday, August 13, 2016 as we honor the latest additions to the NAAAP100.

The NAAAP100 awards are sponsored by General Motors.

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2016 NAAAP100 Honorees

The National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) is pleased to announce Juju Chang, Thomas Park Clement, Dr. Victor Dzau, Dr. Omar Ishrak, and Dr. Santa Ono as the 2016 recipients of its NAAAP 100 Award, Presented by General Motors.  NAAAP’s highest honor is presented to the most influential leaders who have made significant contributions to their profession and to the Asian community.  The NAAAP 100 awards will be presented to honorees, Park Clement, Dzau, Ishrak, and Ono at a ceremony and Gala on August 13, 2016 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.  Ms. Chang received her NAAAP 100 award at a ceremony in February 2016 hosted by The National Society of Leadership and Success.

Dr. Victor Dzau
President of the National Academy of Medicine
Omar Ishrak
Chairman and CEO of Medtronic
Dr. Santa Ono
President and Vice-Chancellor of University of British Columbia
Thomas Park Clement
engineer, inventor, humanitarian, and author,
JuJu Chang
journalist, founder of Korean Am. Comm. Foundation
Brian Wong
Founder, Kiip and author, The Cheat Code