Meet Regina Ford at the ERG Summit Executive Luncheon on Thursday, Aug. 11.

Ms. Ford is responsible for Diversity & Inclusion enterprise-wide for the Caesars Entertainment Corporation – the world’s most geographically diversified casino-entertainment Company. The diversity & inclusion strategic initiatives include diversity for employee diversity (diverse workforce acquisition, development, retention and succession planning); supplier diversity; customer diversity (marketing to, connecting with and providing a diversity of services to numerous customer demographics); external partnerships (with both local and national diversity-related organizations); communications; training; and staffing & infrastructure.

Ms. Ford is also responsible for the Caesars business resource groups (BRGs) who represent diverse demographic segments – such as women, veterans, the LGBTQ community, the Asian Pacific demographic, the African-descent demographic and the Latino demographic. Through the BRGs we champion the education and professional development of employees who represent these groups, she and colleagues bring value to Caesars when marketing to these segments and drive business outcomes in the local community for and through these demographic groups.