Khánh and his family immigrated to the USA from Vietnam during the Vietnam conflict. Khánh  graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in chemical engineering and 3 minors. His passion for helping teenagers and fondness for Mines led him back to be the Director of the Multi-cultural Engineering Program (MEP), which Khánh was part of MEP’s inception in 1989 as a student and was instrumental in the founding of the Asian Student Association in the early 90’s (eventually joined SASE). Khánh joined SASE full time as the Executive Director in late 2011. Khánh oversaw the doubling of the collegiate chapters and tripling its membership during his 1 st year tenure with SASE. He looks forward to growing SASE to its full potential.

Khánh enjoys spending time with his wife, Uyển, and three sons, Thiên Ân “JP”, Thiên Sơn “Vincent” & Thiên Hải “Dominic”. His hobbies include youth ministry, volleyball and food.