Who should attend?

  • Asian professionals in North America
  • Employee Resource Group members
  • Recent undergraduate and graduate students in Dallas Fort -Worth area
  • NAAAP members
  • Individuals seeking training in leadership, diversity, or Employee Resource Groups.  "Benefits of attending" letter for supervisors

Why should I attend?

The ​2015 NAAAP Convention, ERG Summit, and Recruitment Expo provide an opportunity for Asian professionals to gather over a span of three days for selected speakers and well-orchestrated programs.  No matter what level your career level, you will be able to:
  • Network with Fortune 500 companies seeking new talent, a.k.a. YOU
  • Connect and reconnect with like-minded professionals during training sessions, workshops, offsite city experience and career fair
  • Build technical and soft skills with reputable Asian professionals in workshops, i.e., personal branding, effective communication, etc.
  • Learn from renowned invited speakers such as Gary Locke, Julie Chu, Bing Chen, and Nina Duvaluri about how they got to where they are today.
  • Celebrate the successes of NAAAP members and unsung heroes in the community.

What benefits do I get from attending?

 “What has always drawn me to the Convention every year has been the opportunity to network and build relationships with Asian leaders from all across North America.” – Thomas Tu, Dallas Fort Worth Chapter, four time  convention attendee. 
“The collective energy, ideas and passion that I experienced​ at my first NAAAP convention  is remarkable! From the interactive, high quality leadership seminars, to the inspiring  keynote speakers and the vast networking that is offered at the convention, this event is  such a benefit for any professional.” – ​Hai Ly Burk, former president of NAAAP Research Triangle Park Chapter, social worker.