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TeslaThemes has been converting very well for us, since the 1st month of our collaboration. We have tested dozens of different theme affiliate programs over the previous two years and TeslaThemes is 1 of only 5 we now actively promote due to the popularity with our readers. Their well designed affiliate admin area is a bonus.

Our Affiliate program is one of the best on the market, and now we’re making it even better. We’re glad to announce that we’re launching a 2nd tier commission system. This means that you will earn 50% commissions for every sale you refer + 15% for all sales generated via your own referrals.

So, if the users you refer to us, become our affiliates, you will get 15% commissions from all their sales. Now you have even more reasons to promote our products and grow your earnings. Even a small number of 2nd tier affiliates can bring you a lot more profit.

Example: You referred 100 users to our site via your affiliate links. 3 of these users bought 1 developer pack each, and you got 50% commissions from the total amount of payments (($69*3)*0.5)=$103.5. Other 2 users became our affiliates and referred 1 sale each (standard pack), you got 15% commissions from these sales (($49*2)*0.15)=$14.7. Your total amount of earnings is $103.5 + $14.7 = $118.2

Here is a graphical representation of our new Affiliate system:

It’s also important to note that our Affiliate program is valid for all WordPress themes and subscription plans. Only 1 sale of our Lifetime Developer pack can bring you more than $172.5. A simple math calculation shows that earning $1k per month is not so hard to achieve:

Single theme Standard






Price of the product $39 $49 $69 $345
Commisions 50% 50% 50% 50%
Commisions 2nd tier 15% 15% 15% 15%
Commisions per sale $19.50 $24.50 $34.50 $172.50
Commisions per sale, 2nd tier $5.85 $7.35 $10.35 $51.75
Total earnings you get $25.35 $31.85 $44.85 $224.25
Sales per day, direct 1 1 1 1
Sales per day, 2nd tier 1 1 1 1
Monthly earnings ($19.5+$5.85)*30 days ($24.5+$7.35)*30 days ($34.5+$10.35)*30 days ($172.5+$51.75)*30 days
Total, montly earnings $760.50 $955.50 $1345.50 $6727.50

Learn more about our Affiliate program and its advantages here. Join our program and become our direct partner. We’re offering event greater commissions for our top performancers. Grow your revenue with us now!

A lot of things happened lately. WordPress and its community are moving forward and generates a lot of interesting stuff and events. We comprised a list of the most important news, updates, tutorials, resources, tools, etc. of March 2015. Have a look:


Yoast SEO plugin vulnerability: a blind SQL injection vulnerability was discovered in SEO plugin by Yoast. Users are advised to update the plugin ASAP.

WordCamp Europe 2015: This year the WordCamp Europe event will take place on 26 – 28 June in Seville, Spain. We will be happy to attend this great event and meet our friends and partners.

Twitter officially released its first WordPress plugin: Twitter has never released an official plug-in to make WordPress and Twitter play friendly. Until now.

WPLift and ThemeFurnance for sale?: Oli Dale announced that he is thinking about selling his 2 WordPress related projects as he is involved in another business.

Introducing the WordPress security white paper: an analysis and explanation of the WordPress core software development and its related security processes.

WordPress wins $25,000 from DMCA takedown abuser: WordPress has scored a victory in court against a man who abused the DMCA takedown notice.

The ultimate tour of the WordPress database: a complete description of all the tables and their columns present in the WordPress database.

6 cool things you can do with sticky posts in WordPress: sticky posts are one of the least known features of WordPress. You can do awesome things with sticky posts.

Creating custom content in WordPress, custom post types: exploring the types of custom content in WordPress and how to create that content.

Top “Non-Obvious” WordPress plugins that will make you a better blogger: 30 experts have been asked a question: what 3 non-obvious plugins would you advise every WP blogger to have?

How to set up WordPress on Raspberry Pi: an interesting experiment and guide by the guys from Codeable: how to set up WordPress on the Raspberry Pi.



Designer’s Toolkit: Prototyping Tools: Reviews and rankings to help you find the best prototyping tool for your web design job.

CSS SANS a font created purely in CSS: it’s an unprecedented font that reflects history and evolution of the web, and even changes its own shape.

Generate Apple Watch CSS for mockups: a simple and efficient tool to generate CSS for your Apple Watch mockups.

Flexbox in 5 minutes: an interactive tour of all the major features of the new CSS property: flexbox.

HTTP/2, the first major change to HTTP in 16 years: the new standard brings a number of benefits to one of the web’s core technologies.

TeslaThemes is giving away a beautiful flat design UI kit: simply share that post on your social media profile and unlock the download button.

Buffer launches Pablo: a simple and efficient tool allowing you to create engaging images for your social media posts.

Useful resource: a place to find beautiful free stock photos. All photos on the site are released under Creative Commons – CC0 and do not require attribution.