Explore with Tamara in Session #602 – Speaking and Living from Your Capital V, the Voice Behind Your Voice.  Saturday, Aug. 13, 3:15-4:25 PM

Tamara is entering her 8th season as a Consultant on the NBC Emmy Award winning reality TV show “The Voice”, has over two decades of experience as a Voice and Performance coach and is highly respected in the industry as an expert in her field.  In addition to being a sought after coach for singers and performers, Tamara also has 12 years experience in the area of educational methodology and instructional design.  In her corporate consulting, Tamara draws on these two seemingly opposite worlds and provides unique insight on how businesses and individuals can use voice and performance techniques to be more effective and authentic with their communication and leadership whether it be presentations, sales, public speaking, or connecting with clients and people in general.  Her over two decades of work coaching multiple voices combined with her consulting work come together to create a compelling message on the power of the physical voice, and the bigger voice behind it that fuels everything we do.  Whether you’re using your voice to communicate with others, express yourself, public speak, do business, or lead a company- it is a powerful instrument, especially when it is optimized, amplified, and freed!  We will be exploring the power of Living and Leading from your “Capital V Voice” (the VOICE behind your voice).